Sunday, July 14, 2013

4:54 AM
Aiming for a science program, like Computer Science or Chemistry, and looking for what GRE score you’ll be expected to have to get into your dream school? Here’s the info from ETS chart that tells us the average GRE scores for majors based on survey data they collect from test takers.

Intended MajorVerbalMathAWA
Computer & Information Sciences1491583.4
Earth, Atmospheric, and Marine Sciences1541543.9
Mathematical Sciences1541613.9
Physics and Astronomy1561614
Natural Sciences – other1511513.8

The scores above are intended majors. What does “intended” major mean? It simply means that that these are the average scores of people planning on applying to graduate school in a specific major.

Finding a real score range for Physical Sciences Programs

Using a scale drawn from the limited score data in the US News & World Report’s report on graduate schools, here’s a range of scores you could expect:
Top 10 #11-50 #51-100 
Computer & Information Sciences156-160161-165152-156159-163150-154157-161
Earth, Atmospheric, and Marine Sciences161-165157-161157-161155-159155-159153-157
Mathematical Sciences161-165164-168157-161162-166155-159160-164
Physics and Astronomy163-167164-168159-163162-166157-161160-164
Natural Sciences – other158-162154-158154-158152-156152-156150-154

Remember that you will be applying to a hard science program, so applying to graduate school is anything but easy; this is just a “good-enough” approach should put you in a decent position to create the appropriate study goals. So if you’re interested in a PhD in Physics from MIT, or a Master’s in Computer Science from NYU, then this is a good place to start.


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