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Nova GRE Math Book pdf download

Although the GRE math section is difficult, it is very learnable. GRE Math Prep Course presents a thorough analysis of GRE math and introduces numerous analytic techniques that will help you immensely, not only on the GRE but in graduate school as well.


  • Comprehensive Review: Twenty-three chapters provide the most thorough review of GRE math available. 
  • Practice: Includes 164 examples and more than 600 exercises! Arranged from easy to medium to hard to very hard.
  •  Diagnostic Test: The diagnostic test measures your strengths and weaknesses and directs you to areas you need to study more. 
  • Duals: These are pairs of similar problems in which only one property is different. They illustrate the process of creating GRE questions.
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        Table of Contents – Nova GRE Math Prep Course

        1. Orientation
        2. Part One : Math
        3. Part Two: Summary of Math Properties
        4. Part Three: Diagnostic /Review Test

        Part One: Math

        GRE math section includes about 500 pages of GRE Math problems and strategies. Math section is further divided into sections (to name a few)
        • Substitution
        • Defined Functions,
        • Number theory,
        • Hard Quantitative comparisons,
        • Percents
        • Word Problems
        • Probability and Statistics
        • Functions
        • Permutations and Combination
        This book has additional section (Permutations and Combination) which is not included in Nova GRE Prep Course with Software, which is about 40 pages of additional problems.
        Each section in GRE Math Prep Course is further divided into 4 categories based on problem difficulty
        • Easy
        • Medium
        • Hard
        • Very Hard
        So, if you look under any section, you will see strategies for each layer of difficulty and practice questions with answers (in detail). If you want to improve your score, you should be able to solve all the hard and very hard problems.

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        Nova GRE Math Book
        June 01, 2013
        4/5 stars
        Nova GRE Math Book

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