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Barron's New GRE: 19th Edition [PDF] download

The GRE Graduate Record Exam is changing substantially starting in August 2011, and Barron's is now ready with a thoroughly revised test prep manual that reflects the new exam's content. Although the GRE's Analytical Writing section remains essentially unchanged, new question types appear in both the GRE's Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, and the model tests in Barron's brand-new 19th edition reflect these changes: 

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  • Verbal Reasoning-- The verbal section now includes two new sentence completion types: sentence equivalence questions, for which test takers must identify two correct answers to receive credit; and text completion questions, some involving passages of several sentences and requiring test takers to fill in up to three blanks. Reading comprehension questions may now have more than one correct answer. Some reading questions will involve selecting individual sentences with passages.
  • Quantitative Reasoning-- As in the past, this section contains standard multiple-choice questions, as well as quantitative comparison questions. There are two new question types: multiple-choice questions that have more than one correct answer choice, each of which has to be selected, and numeric entry questions, which are the only questions on the test for which no answer choices are provided. 

Barron's new GRE manual offers intensive practice and review for all question types plus a diagnostic test and two full-length model GREs with answer keys and explanations for all questions answered. The authors also present a test overview and valuable chapters on test-taking tactics.

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Barron's New GRE: 19th Edition
June 01, 2013
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Barron's New GRE: 19th Edition

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