Monday, April 29, 2013

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Following are word lists that I wrote while I was preparing myself for the Verbal part of the GRE General Test in 2013. Although they were written primarily for the Verbal part, I think they are helpful for the Analytic part as well. I think that the best strategy for GRE is to be acquainted with GRE through taking actual GRE examinations administrated by ETS, but it is undeniable that a good vocabulary is essential for excellent GRE scores.

Since the Verbal part of GRE is by no means a simple examination that tests the examinees only for vocabulary, expanding your vocabulary does not always result in higher scores. You should, however, retain a large vocabulary in your brain at least on the actual GRE test day in order to obtain high scores in the Verbal part, since in some sense quite a few questions just attempt to test whether you can tell the meaning of a particular word or not.

I recommend that you memorize all the words in the word lists below if you must obtain really high GRE scores for this reason, that reason, or whatever. Those whose GPA is relatively low might desire to compensate for their low GPA by obtaining very high scores. (In my opinion, this is not a good strategy; you'd better spend more time writing your research papers, rewriting your statement of purpose, or preparing yourself for GRE subject test, especially if you specialize in computer science.) At a glance, you might ask yourself if you could memorize all of them and never forget them at all; stuffing more than 5,000 new words you have never seen before into your brain could be done without difficulty only by Raymond in the movie `Rain Man.' In my opinion, the answer would be 'No, you cannot,' if you are trying to memorize these words in the same way as you have learned new English words so far. But, the answer would be 'Yes, absolutely,' if you are trying to memorize these words only for the GRE test itself.

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GRE Big Book Word list
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GRE Big Book Word list


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