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GRE score?”. Before ETS released their Snapshot report we couldn't provide a simple, straightforward answer, but now we can. The average GRE score is — drum roll please… 302.2; 150.8 for verbal and 151.4 for math. And the AWA average is 3.7.
Is it really that simple? No. And read on to find on why.

Is the average GRE score important?
No. The averages above were calculated based on results from over 450,000 students who took the GRE between August 2011 and June 2012. This is a diverse group of students, applying to many different programs with many different requirements. As you’re applying to graduate programs, the average score of all test takers is irrelevant. For you, the average GRE score for your particular program at your target school is much more important — this is the score you need to exceed. For example, students in the top 10engineering programs have an average math score of 160, so if you are applying to the best engineering programs, you should aim for a math score higher than 160.
In their snapshot, ETS did provide average scores by intended graduate major. I’ve reorganized the table from their Snapshot, providing an average score breakdown by program for math and verbal:
Intended MajorMathVerbal
Humanities and Arts149.2156.5
Natural Sciences153.1150.8
Social Sciences150.1152.9
Other Fields148.9149.7
No Reponse151.4148
The table above provides a helpful baseline, but note that these are average scores for all schools. I highly recommend doing research for the specific colleges and universities that you are targeting.

How do I find the average score for my program?

Great question. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Here are some steps that may help:
  • Identify your target program (i.e. Engineering, English, etc.)
  • Research schools in that program by using a site such as US News and World Report.
    If the averages are not listed on the site, email the colleges directly. This steps takes a bit of work, as you’ll need to find the correct deparment and email address, but it’s well worth it.
Also remember that GRE scores last for 5 years. So in many cases admissions committees may have averages on the old scoring scale. Here’s a handy GRE score conversion table in case you need to determine what your score would be on the old scale.

Interesting statistics about average GRE scores

ETS released a lot of data in their the snapshot report, breaking out averages by gender, geography, and more. Here are some interesting, but meaningless, statistics from that report:
  • U.S. citizens on average score about 6 points lower on math and 6 points higher on verbal than non-U.S. citizens.
  • China has the highest average math score at 162.9, and no other country had an average above 160.
  • New Zealand the the highest average verbal score at 157.3, with Ireland, Singapore, and the United Kingdom all tied for a close second with an average of 157.1.
  • Engineering majors have the highest average math score at 158.9.
  • Humanities and Arts majors have the highest average verbal score at 156.5 and the highest average AWA score at 4.1.


Try not to worry about the overall average GRE scores. Focus on your target program and school, and then focus on your GRE prep.


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